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Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Climb every mountain

Number 5 on my list of 12 things to do was to get a hobby. As I said in my original post, I’ve been considering rock climbing.

Most, if not all, of my happiest memories as a child usually feature me in a tree. I was still climbing trees at 14 and 15, even if on some occasions it was simply because it was the best place to have a crafty fag. I really loved climbing, I loved being in the trees and experiencing the height. My best friend and I would climb anything we could – holidays to Wales and day trips to the Dorset coast saw us scaling craggy cliffs and caves in shorts and t-shirts. We loved it.

Because, other than reading, I have struggled through most of my adult life to find something I really enjoy, I decided when coming up with a hobby idea to go right back to my childhood and climbing was the obvious choice.

The main problem with that, is I’m a damn sight heavier than I was at 15, so I think trees are pretty much out. Most people suggested that Calshot would be the nearest place with a climbing wall.

However, a quick Google later and I discovered this place. I sent an enquiry through the website and they have been very helpful and encouraging – acknowledging that I’d confessed to being a complete beginner, and mentioning that their beginners courses would be filled with sociable folk who will all be in the same boat.

So, on the 7th April, I’m hoping to begin my wall climbing adventure. A three session beginners course is just under £50. I'm really hoping that the fact I have to pay for it means I won’t wimp out and not go when the big day arrives.

I’ve also struggled to fit it in around the kids – had to ask Mum to babysit, which prompted the question of Why, which prompted a “What do you want to do that for, then?” conversation. Can you hear me rolling my eyes? Fairly sure my mother could.

I am really excited though. Even if I’m bloody terrible at it (and I probably will be) it’s nice to break out of my usual routine and challenge myself. Cant remember the last time I did that for fun…

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