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Wednesday, 15 February 2012

The best bits

There are a few really good benefits for me being a single parent.

Financially I’m better off and because I have control of my money, I can budget effectively and I don’t have to ask anyone’s opinion or permission before I book a holiday.

I have considerably less washing and ironing to do than I used to.

I can cook pretty much whatever I like for tea – including fish and pasta as much as I like (Ex-Husband was really not a fan), or even just soup and fancy bread if me and the kids fancy it.

I don’t have a living room full of wires and consoles, or have to fall asleep to Xbox war noises, or watch really, really dull films about gangsters or ones with people losing limbs and things.

Essentially, I largely get to please myself.

But above all, my absolute favourite thing is the weekends when he has the kids.

I love my children. They’re great fun, and I love taking them out at weekends (swimming lessons not included) or sitting in and building Lego houses.

But… I LOVE being able to stay in bed on a Saturday morning instead of having to leave the house at quarter to nine for martial arts. I love being able to sit and read my book in silence, and actually finish a whole chapter without being interrupted. I love being able to watch grown up telly in the day time. I love meeting my childless friends at the pub for a quick half on a Sunday afternoon. I love being able to just walk out of the house, and not have to organise two other little people.

I know there’s a danger of becoming a martyr parent, and that’s not what I am at all. I made the choice to have my family, and I really love it. But I acknowledge how lucky I am, to be one of the women whose kids’ Dad wants to see them, and the freedom that gives me every so often.

That said, I still can’t wait to get them back after a weekend to myself. Because nothing beats a toddler cuddle in bed on a Sunday morning. Or having a valid excuse to watch Spiderman cartoons.

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