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Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Apologies for my absence..

Yes, sorry - I've been ill. And busy at work, combined with illness and the kids means I like to sleep from about 7.30pm to 7am. Little time for blogging.

Today I got to venture back into my comfort zone for a bit. Someone came to me about a news story at work, and I had to grab my camera, dash off and meet people I didn't know, and then find out all about them. I also got to advise some students about how to write a press release.

It's been ages since I got to think about whether something was newsworthy, or how your third paragraph should always be a quote. I walked back to my office and caught myself planning my opening para. I felt that excitement at what words to use, how to best structure a sentence. Advising the students felt fantastic (I like nothing better than to be seen as knowledgeable).

A couple of weeks ago I indulged in some wine (as I often do) and wrote a list of 12 things for 2012, because it's too late for me to do 30 things before I'm 30. Number 3 on the list is to pitch a freelance article, and get it published.

I've been published before, I've been told I have the makings of a good journalist, so it's about time I took hold of my destiny and stopped wimping out. Which is exactly what I am doing - I'm so scared my stuff isn't good enough, I daren't even try.

But today I remembered that I love it. And sometimes you have to do something just because you love it, not because it's taking you anywhere.

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